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type and area (LBN , ) and the minimum air volume for one person ( LBN ,. ). Sometimes a generalized air exchange of 1 time per hour is . General Construction Regulations. ➢ Construction Norms for Multi-storey Apartment Buildings, LBN ➢ Construction Norms for Low-rise. Standard LBN. p states that entrance of the building and other common areas in the building(eg, corridors, utility rooms) must be.

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If a person wishes to continue an independent practice in engineering research, design or building expert-examination after reaching the retirement age, he or she must conform to the requirements of Section 13 of this Law. The structure accepted for service shall be used only in accordance with the designed type lb use.

In cases when a structure requires construction supervision, the abovementioned schedule shall be determined, evaluating the main stages of construction work specified in lbh plan of construction supervision.

Purpose of this Law The purpose of the Law is to create a living environment of good quality, determining efficient regulation of the construction process in order to ensure sustainable State economic and social development, preservation of cultural and historical and environmental values, as well as rational use of energy resources. If in accordance with the laws and regulations governing spatial development planning, upon detecting the specific impact referred to in this Paragraph, a decision to draw up a detailed plan may be taken, giving preference to the drawing up of a detailed plan.

The opinion drawn up by the construction specialist shall be included in the construction documents or attached thereto. Insurance in Construction 1 A performer of construction work has an obligation to insure its civil legal liability for harm caused to the life or health of a third party or losses caused to the property as a result of its activity or failure to act.

Until 30 June natural persons have the right to perform expert-examination, if they have received a certificate for the relevant types of design or construction work and also legal persons registered in accordance with the procedures laid down in the laws and regulations governing construction which employ a certified specialists in the relevant field. If a decision on permission to perform construction is not carried out within the time period laid down by the building authority, the building authority may decide on renewing the previous condition.

Indoor Air Quality in Multi-Apartment Buildings before and after Renovation

Section 14, Paragraph 6. Construction 2211-08 1 It shall be permitted to offer construction products on the market of Latvia, as well as to build them permanently in structures, if they are valid for the intended use, ensure the fulfilment of the essential requirements set for the structure and conform to the requirements of the laws and regulations governing construction. Administrative acts which have been issued by the State and local government institutions in accordance with this Law may not be contested before the Office.


If natural ln legal persons do not 2111-08 the building inspector with the right to visit and inspect structures and individual premises, such structures and individual premises may be accessed, applying substitute execution and physical force according to a decision of a district city court judge, which has been taken on the basis of an application of the building authority, Office or another institutions carrying out the functions of the building authority and the materials appended thereto.

Indoor Air Quality in Multi-Apartment Buildings before and after Renovation : Construction Science

Construction Principles Construction 21-08 include designing and construction work, as a result of which existing structures are improved or demolished or new structures with a specific function are created. The amount of the insurance compensation shall be determined by agreement of the parties. In order to perform such tasks, the ministry shall:.

The following principles shall be conformed to in construction: Building specialists who have received a certificate of an architect’s practice or building practice until the day of coming into force of this Law are entitled to continue an independent practice after expiry of the term of validity indicated in the certificate, if they conform to the requirements of this 21108 and provide the information to be included in the register of building specialists to the extent, within the time period and according to the procedures stipulated by the Cabinet.

In addition to the cases specified in the Administrative Procedure Law when the expenses related to executing a decision are covered by the addressee of the decision, the expenses related to the renewal of the previous condition shall be covered by the owner of the structure.

If information about a lbm on a construction permit has been published in conformity with the conditions of Section 14, Paragraph five of this Law, such decision in relation to other persons shall be deemed notified from the moment it entered into effect.

Structures shall be divided into buildings and engineering structures. The building authority may take a decision on the permission to continue the construction work after information about the elimination of the fournd deficiencies lgn been received from the authority carrying out the State environmental control.

Responsibility in Construction 1 Participants of a construction process landowner, owner of the structure, person who drew up the building design, performer of construction work, building supervisor and construction expert have an obligation to conform lbh the requirements 2211-08 laws and regulations in the lbbn process.

Until the day when the Cabinet regulations substituting the relevant Cabinet regulations come into force, but not longer than until 1 Julythe following Latvian construction standards shall be applicable insofar as they are not in contradiction with this Law: Construction processes, which have been commenced until the day of coming into force of this Law, shall be completed in accordance with the procedures laid down in general construction regulations.

Register of Construction Merchants 1 In order to perform commercial activity in one or several fields of construction, as well as in the field of architecture or electric energy, a merchant shall register with the Register of Construction Merchants, submitting information about lvn building specialists employed on the basis of an employment lbj.


If the construction permit has been issued in violation of the provisions of this Paragraph, a higher authority or court, upon deciding the issue on the rule of law pbn the contested or appealed construction permit, shall evaluate whether the violation is so significant 2110-8 the construction permit should be revoked, and shall particularly examine whether the right of public participation in decision-making have lvn been violated.

The Saeima 1 has adopted and the President has proclaimed the following law:. Construction Permit 1 A construction permit shall be issued if: Construction intentions, which have been submitted to the building authority and whereon a decision is not taken until 30 September shall be handed over for taking a decision to the Office in accordance with the procedures determined by the Administrative Procedure Law.

If a whole or part of a section has been amended, the date of the amending law appears in square brackets at the end of the section. The initiator of the construction shall sign the authorisation with a safe electronic signature or shall use the electronic means for identification and signature available for the electronic service. The functions of the building authority may also be implemented by several units of the local government, each of which has specific competence specified for it and arising from this Law.

Construction Control 1 In accordance with the competence specified in this Law, construction control shall be performed by the building authorities, institutions performing the functions of the building authority and building inspectors of the Office – persons employed ,bn the relevant institutions who have acquired the right of independent practice in the field of architecture or construction and are registered with the register of building inspectors. Classification of Construction Merchants 1 In order to apply for the performance of such construction work which is fully or partially financed from the resources of a legal person governed by public law, resources lbb a policy instrument of the European Union or of other foreign financial assistance, if the initiator of the construction is a legal person governed by public law or its institution, a construction merchant must receive a classification document.

Competence of the State Administration Institutions in the Field lbh Construction 1 The ministry responsible for the construction sector shall perform general monitoring and co-ordination of construction, draw up a unified State policy in the field of construction and ensure the implementation of such policy.

Service of a Structure 1 After completion of construction work, the person who 2111-08 construction shall ensure that surveying of the layout of the structure is performed and the structure is accepted for service.