Leonard Peikoff is universally recognized as the preeminent Rand scholar writing today. He worked closely with Ayn Rand for thirty years and was designated. This brilliantly conceived and organized book is Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s classic text on the abstract principles and practical applications of Objectivism. This brilliantly conceived and organized book is Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s classic text on the abstract principles and practical applications of Objectivism, based on.

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The desired capitalism is purely fictive: He also continues Rand’s opposition to libertarianism, remaining sharply opposed to any description of Objectivist political philosophy as “libertarian” and to any collaboration with most libertarian groups.

Its application of logic peijoff the metaphysical basis itself, and not simply to knowledge on a level above epistemology, is also highly intriguing.

I knew I would need to read it again in the near future. They are opposites in starting premises, but end overlapping in conclusions. Retrieved October 8, All one has to do is think.

Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand by Leonard Peikoff

As the executor of Rand’s will, Peikoff handles the peikovf to all of her works with the exception of Anthemwhich has passed into the public domain. This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat And purity is extremely significant: Art reflects an artist’s values and plays a vital role in giving abstract values concrete expression.


Rebirth of the US through revolution is equivalent to saving Rome, saving the world, even. Every one is to be objecctivism for their own world they have created.

I understand Objectivism now after having read this book. In late fall I read about art and the duel between Plato and Aristotle. This is the definite work on Objectivism. Induction in Physics which he co-wrote with physicist David HarrimanPeikoff argues that there is no problem of inductionbecause philosophy is itself an inductive science and, therefore, that any attempt to deny the validity of induction contradicts itself by implicitly accepting the validity of induction.

Sometimes scientific values will interact and conflict and there aren’t absolutely correct answers science never proves. Also, essences as she assumes exist would mean Darwin’s evolution by natural selection would not be possible because species would have to be a rigid category and not fluid as Darwin made them.

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May objectiviem, Lois rated it really liked it. Archived from the original on December 14, Nash, ; in note 31, p. That’s what Republicans and Libertarians ultimately believe as an end goal.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. I read about metaphysics and epistemology in late summer It has been a long time since I’ve methodically considered all of Objectivism straight through. Ayn Rand requires a further condition to be satisfied. Last, but not least, the human mind needs models to look up to, an embodied set of ideals that we can contemplate to inspire ourselves to heroic heights in our daily lives.


Understanding Objectivism

The assertion was not false, either, but rather it was arbitrary. He is a former professor of philosophy and host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show.

That’s why a book that lays Rand’s views out, thoroughly and in philosophical terms, is important. Despite the fact I was on the edge of my seat, sometimes flagging multiple sections per page for later reference, this may sound boring and dry to others. I expected this book to be an equal bonus.

Leonard Peikoff – Wikipedia

After consulting his lawyer, Peikoff released the pages to a lsonard of the Library of Congress. She thinks that essences are real and a correct taxonomy about the world must exist and is knowable by man she says. Both elonard were a slog to wade through and both had similar absolutist perspectives on the world which bordered on nuttiness. He also appears in Ayn Rand: One nice point in Objectivism is the primacy of existence axiom.

Though they speak of “individual rights,” it is very much a matter of an “American revolution. This might make the philosophical spine of the work seem muddled to readers, especially those with limited exposure to philosophy.

Such is Ayn Rand’s unprecedented and pregnant identification in the field of epistemology.