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Ley de educación provincial Capítulo IX Capítulo VI EL CONSEJO PROVINCIAL DE EDUCACIÓN Y TRABAJO. Capítulo VIII: La. d) Haber finalizado el nivel secundario, en los términos de la Ley N ° o equivalente, conforme lo establezca la reglamentación. e) Responder a las. ley de educacion provincial pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for ley de educacion provincial pdf. Will be grateful for .

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Also amends the first schedule concerning grading and wages and the second schedule concerning monthly minimum allowances.

Ley Nacional De Educación Nº 26206

Decreto por el que se establecen normas referentes a horarios de trabajo en establecimientos industriales, comerciales y de servicios. Chapter 2 sets forth obligations of employees. Chapter 5 relates to hours of work, leave, and overtime; s. Regulates state management of security service businesses. Public employee recruitment process and procedures Section 5.

Decreto por el que se reglamenta la ley por la cual se dictan normas laborales para el trabajador rural. Amends or replaces most of the regulations contained in the Teaching Service Pensions Regulations, particularly in regard to contributions, retirement age and compulsory retirement, partial lump-sum payments, the calculation of pensions and survivors’ benefits. Amendments in respect of, inter alia, the definition of “Pensionable age” to mean the fifty-fifth anniversary of an officer’s date of birth.

Sets out the functions and powers of the different ranks in the police force. Working contracts Section 6. This list is also relevant to strikes as the companies which perform these tasks are prohibited from striking under Decree No.

Reserve shall consist of residents of Zambia who have attained the age of eighteen years, have volunteered for service in the Reserve, and are considered suitable for enrolement in Reserve by Inspector-General.

Local Government Service Regulations, S. This Act makes provision for the control of mining and related operations in Vanuatu The Act consists 1368 90 sections divided into 19 Parts: This Act shall apply in relation to the seabed and subsoil of the continental shelf and beneath the waters of the exclusive economic zone, as it applies in relation to land.

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Provisions on termination of employment and retirement procedures Section 6. Sets forth, in s. Ordinance amending and supplementing a number of articles of the ordinance on officials and public employees No.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Provides for the establishment of a disciplinary council. Measures include, inter alia, an obligation of organisations and individuals to pay compensation for damage caused to the land and assets of organisations and individuals that have to change their residential and production places due to mineral exploitation.

Regulates the financing and administration of the insurance fund, the rights and obligations of members, and claims and settlement procedures. Divided into 11 parts. This Order brings the Law into Force. Recruitment of civil servants Section 3. Pursues the aim of reducing the payroll in the State administrative agencies and the indirect payroll in the public-service units by about 15 until Makes provision for a diploma in ely nursing, recognition of nurses’ training schools, training to be at nurses’ training schools, period of training, recognition of previous training outside Zimbabwe, instruction of student nurses, conduct during training, assessments and clinical practice during training, final examinations, the granting of diplomas in general nursing, and some related matters.

Repeals Section 6 of these 13688. Makes numerous amendments to the Police Act to restructure the police force. Change of professional titles Section 3. Police Act [Cap ]. Se regula la libertad de prensa y de imprenta, y el derecho de respuesta. Amends Regulations 13, 21, 26, 27, 32, 34, 40 and 43 of the Public Service Commission Regulations, in particular regarding the filling of vacancies and retirement in the public or the national interest or on medical grounds.


Also makes provision for severance pay. Makes provision for work plans and programs, documents on environment and safety, requirements on environmental protection and safety, responsibilities in case of accident, requirements on natural resources preservation, oil and 136888 safety zones, drilling, oil and gas exploitation, equipment, obligation to dismantle works, petroleum insurance, information supply, and confidential information.

Age of retirement 55 years. Comprehensive legislation on the training of nurses. No civil servant may hold more than one post at a time pey.

Decreto por el que se reglamentan normas le aportaciones a la seguridad social de trabajadores dependientes y no dependientes. CHAPTER I – General Provisions Public Employees are Vietnamese citizens recruited according to working positions, working in public non-business unites under working contracts and salaried from salary funds of public non-business units. Supervisory management posts 3.

ley de educacion provincial 13688 pdf

Agency heads are responsible for ensuring the efficiency of the agency and keeping corruption in check. Provides that resistance war activists are entitled to enjoy lumpsum allowance calculated according to their respective seniority duration.

Details implementation of Petroleum Law ofand amends Petroleum Law of In particular it amends the definitions, objectives and adds a new Part 2A entitled “Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner”. 1388 por la cual se dictan normas laborales para el trabajador rural. Examination for public employee recruitment Section 3.

Establishes pey Teaching Council of Zambia and defines its functions and powers. Finance and Management of Fund.

Prohibition of child labour. Imposes certain restrictions on the economic activities of officials and public employees. Provides for the establishment of a Communal Police Force at the commune and township level where regular public security Forces are not stationed.

Working Contracts Section 3.