By using the Liquisolid technique, sustained drug delivery systems were developed for the water soluble drugs in which hydrophobic non-volatile solvents are. Abstract. Liquisolid technique is also known as powder solution technology. It is the technique which deals with the solubility enhancement of poorly soluble. Acta Pharm. Mar;57(1) Liquisolid technique as a tool for enhancement of poorly water-soluble drugs and evaluation of their physicochemical.

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Khosro Adibkia et al. Preformulation and formulation development studies. Micronization is the most technuque method used to increase the surface area of the drug, but this becomes less effective when they are formulated as tablets or encapsulations Aguiar et al. Surfactants are very useful as absorption enhancers and enhance both dissolution rate as well liquisolod permeability of drug.

In vivo evaluation of hydrochlorothiazide liquisolid tablets in beagle dogs. The final mixture is then allowed to compress by using tablet compression machine.


The liquid drop is prepared using a saturation solution of the drug in Simulated Gastric Fluid, Simulated Intestinal Fluid media and an excessively large amount of pure drug was added to this media, shaken for 24 hours at a constant rate then the upper solution was centrifuged.

This free flowing powder is than subjected to Preformulation studies like Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy, differential scanning Calorimetry for compatibility studiesangle of slide, flow properties, solubility studies, calculation tedhnique liquid load retention potential, liquid load factor etc.

The concept behind this approach tefhnique adsorption and absorption both. Significant differences in the area under the plasma concentration time curve, the peak plasma concentration and the absolute bioavailability of the liquisolid and the commercial tablets were observed. Merits of this approach include low costing, simple processing for the formulation of oily liquid drugs, great potentials in industrial production, possess enhanced in vitro drug release as compared to capsules dosage form.

Dissolution liquisklid D R is explained according to the “Noyes – Whitney” equation and “diffusion layer model” dissolution theories.

The Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy. A saturated solution of the drug in liquisklid media is prepared and a drop of this solution is put on the surface of tablet. Better availability of an orally administered water insoluble drug. Release rates of many poorly water soluble drugs get increased by using liquisolid system.


International journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research, ; 5 Need of liquisolid technique: In order to ensure the suitability of the selected excipients, Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectroscopy, Differential scanning Calorimetry, X-ray Diffraction and Scanning Electron Microscope studies are to be performed.

Liquisolid tablets demonstrated significantly faster drug liquisoolid patterns in small volumes of dissolution media such as mL and mL.

Gholap and Pooja M.

The Liquisolid technique: an overview

It is one of the novel techniques which is used for solubility enhancement and bioavailability of poorly water soluble drug. During this continuous mixing in the mortar should be going on. These are generally prepared by solvent or co precipitation method whereby both the guest solute and carrier solvent are dissolved in common volatile solvent system such as alcohol.

It should have high boiling point. On other hand, in some cases, the drug diffusion technlque the primary particles may be rapid and might lead to overwhelming solubility- wise of the stagnant dissolution layers with drug. By measuring the height and diameter of the sphere drop on the Spireas et al. In the case of soft gelatin capsules, Ebert’s review stated that these products demonstrated the most efficient bio availability since the drug is already in tehnique form. High R values 30 to 60 evidence better uniform distribution of the drug in the carrier material Tayel et al.

Therefore, a big challenge for dissolution and bioavailability enhancement of these drugs had developed. Thus, a constant plasma level will be reached, which is maintained throughout the dosing interval. Formulation and evaluation of rofecoxib liquisolid tablets.

Mainly superdisintegrants increases rate of techniuqe release, its wettability and increases solubility of drug particles within short period of time. This process involves reducing the size of the drug particles to 1 to 10 microns commonly by spray drying or by use of air attrition methods fluid energy or jet mill. Determination of angle of slide: The results showed that the drug loading factor was increased significantly in the presence of additives. For the determination of angle of slide, an approximately weighed amount of coating material was placed at one end of a metal plate with a polished surface.


Interdependence of physiological surfactant and drug particle size on the dissolution behavior of water insoluble drugs. Exhibits enhanced in-vitro drug release as compared to commercial counterparts, including soft gelatin capsule preparations. The Liquisolid compacts have two major formulation components namely, powder substrate and liquid medication. After complete formulation liquisolid tablets also get evaluated for wt.

Both Differential Scanning Electron and X-ray diffraction studies suggested loss of crystallinity upon liquisolid formulation. Effect of Ceolus KG on the dissolution rate of fenofibrate liquisolid tablets: Liqhisolid this method, a fixed height cone method procedure was performed in triplicate and average angle of liquizolid calculated Rania et al.

This end was raised gradually until the plate formed an angle with the horizontal at which the powder was about to slide. Hence, the liquisolid technology allows the transformation of liquid systems into solid drug delivery systems. The process is also called as micro milling. In addition, flowability studies are also to be carried out to select the optimal formulae for compression, prior to the compression of the powders the dosage forms such as into tablets and capsules. Due to their significantly improved wetting properties a greater drug surface area is exposed to the dissolution media, resulting in an increased dissolution rate and bio availability.

Authors who publish with this journal agree to the following terms: The liquisolir dissolution characteristics of water insoluble kiquisolid are a major challenge for pharmaceutical science.

The Liquisolid techniques are considered as pleasantly flowing and compressible powdered forms of liquid medications. However, for the mean residence time, the mean absorption time, and the rate of absorption no significant differences were found. It is mainly divided into two categories: