Logic Deductive and Inductive has 90 ratings and 2 reviews. Greg said: Not a book I would recommend for beginners to Logic (like myself.) The first few c. Logic: Deductive and Inductive is a math treatise by the British logician and mathematician Carveth Read. Source: Read C. (). Logic: Deductive and. Year Published: ; Language: English; Country of Origin: England; Source: Read C. (). Logic: Deductive and , England; Simpkin.

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Jeffrey Geesing rated it did not like it Jan 28, Their name, indeed, connects them with the doctrine of Propositions; for Predicables are terms that may be predicated, classified according to their connotative relation to the subject of a proposition that is, according to the relation in which their connotation stands to the connotation of the subject: This school inscribes upon its banners, Universalia in re.

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If organic species are free growths, continually changing, however gradually, according as circumstances give some advantage to one form over others, we may expect to find such species branching into varieties, which differ considerably from one another in some respects, though not enough to constitute distinct species.

Underwood rated it really inductvie it Oct 26, Open Preview See a Problem?

Logic: Deductive and Inductive | Carveth Read, M.A. | Lit2Go ETC

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Indeed, definitions of superordinate lkgic and Orders—not infrequently give qualities as generally found in the subordinate classes, and at the same time mention exceptional cases in which they do not occur.

A proposition is called verbal or analytic when the predicate is a part, or the whole, of the meaning of the subject; and the subject being species, a genus or difference is part, and a definition is the whole, of its meaning or connotation.


Posture and Habit are complex modes of Co-existence, but too specialised to have any philosophic value. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

Logic, Deductive and Inductive

If, however, the predicaments are heads of a classification of terms predicable, we may expect to find some connection with the predicables; and, in fact, secondary Substances are species and genus; whilst the remaining nine forms are generally accidents.

Packed with a lot of information. Customers who bought this item also bought. The chief difficulty in the definition of scientific names consists in determining exactly the nature of the things denoted by them, as in classifying plants and animals.

In short, there are very few who can think, but every man wants to have an opinion; and what remains but to take it ready-made from others, instead of forming opinions for himself? The highest class, however, is never a species; wherefore it is called a Summum Genus: When other means fail, qualities are suggested by the names of things which exhibit them in a salient way; figures by such terms as amphitheatre, bowl-like, pear-shaped, egg-shaped; colours by lias-blue, sky-blue, gentian-blue, peacock-blue; and similarly with sounds, smells and tastes.

If we discover the qualities upon which a class is based by direct observation and induction, by the same method we discover the definition of its name.

Satyam rated it really liked it Aug 15, Get to Know Us. You simply will not get a straight answer from this book on how to use formal logic to understand the real world. Then the learning curve took a terrifying upswing, znd Carveth Read threw me to the wolves. A difference is the remainder of the definition of any species after subtracting a given genus.


Logic: Deductive and Inductive by Carveth Read – Free Ebook

But then again, he never properly defines what a sound or cogent argument is. Thus the colour of animals was once regarded as an accident for which no reason could be given; but now the colour of animals is regarded as an effect of their nature and habits, the chief determinants of it being the advantage of concealment; whilst in other cases, as among brightly coloured insects and snakes, the determinant may be the advantage of advertising their own noxiousness.

Logic Deductive and Inductive. English Choose a language for shopping.

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Carveh King rated it really liked it Feb 21, John Norton – – Journal of Carceth Logic 39 6: We require a symbol reae with the general character of a thing, or quality, or process, as scientifically determined, whose representative truth may be trusted in ordinary cases, or may be verified whenever doubt arises.

Too many people havent a clue what inductive and deductive mean. Xiaolong Wu rated it really liked it Nov 26, In my opinion, that is a bad combination. When propositions are expressed with the universality and definiteness that belong to scientific statements, they are called laws; and laws, so far as they are not laws of quantity, are tested by the principles of Logic, if they at all admit of proof.