The Dietary Cure for Acne has 15 ratings and 2 reviews. Emily said: Be careful if you try the diet prescribed here – you will lose weight, even if you do. The man spearheading this movement is named Dr. Loren Cordain, and I discovered he also wrote a book called The Dietary Cure for Acne. Conventional treatment for acne relies mostly on antibiotics. Unfortunately in paleo diet advocate Loren Cordain’s e-book The Dietary Cure for Acne. Following.

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Now that I have my exercise routine down pat, I have begun a new dietary journey. A couple months ago, I was pondering the origins of acne: It is nothing horrible, and I would certainly classify it as a minor problem. Perfect Skin, ProActiv, AcneFree, other drugstore-brand scrubs and lotions, all-natural remedies, and even a prescription facial wash from the dermatologist.

Many of them worked for awhile…the prescription seemed to work a miracle, and Perfect Skin was actually great but too expensive to continue with…but after awhile my skin became resistant to the prescription and no longer did much for me. ProActiv worked for awhile, but then the Benzoyl Peroxide in it would seriously dry out my skin, creating lorrn another problem.

“The Dietary Cure for Acne” – My Experiment | Engaged to the Army

I then stumbled upon The Paleo Dietwhich is a diet that directs its followers to eat much like our paleolithic ancestors: The man spearheading this movement is named Dr.

Loren Cordain, and I discovered he also wrote a book called The Dietary Cure for Acne dietarh, which piqued my interest immediately. I ordered the book and just finished reading it. The last part talks about what foods to eat and not to eat.

The 4 causes of acne are: What a person eats affects their production and levels of hormones, particularly insulin and androgens, and this is what causes problems on the skin. If you eat foods that are low in glycemic load using the Glycemic Index chartyour body will not overproduce insulin. Also, we tend to eat more omega-6 fats than we should ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 should be 2: This wreaks havoc acns our tissue and causes inflammation.


One reason grains, particularly wheat, is bad is because they contain dietary lectins.

Here is a quote from the book:. I have begun to do more reading on this subject, and have found this helpful website: The Paleo Diet Lifestyle. Some of it varies from the strict Paleo Diet and also draws from the research of Dr. Price my mom has a couple of his books. I like that, because if you stick to one method it seems that it might restrict you from pursuing other healthy habits. For 30 days, I am going to be strict about eating not certain foods, and then after 30 days add foods in one at a time they say one food or food type a month to see if it causes an acne flare-up.

Some foods might not affect me, while they might affect someone else. Here are the foods I will be avoiding:.


All grains — includes wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, and rice I will miss bread and cookies!! All veggies — including potatoes and sweet potatoes. However, since I am on a dietarg workout regimen, my brother pointed out that I need to have carbs to burn.

So this is my personal modification. One thing to note: So there you have it! My biggest goal is avoiding grains and dairy…I have a hunch those are the main culprits for me. Yesterday was my first grain-free day, and acnd time I got hungry I began craving grains…. Sounds like withdrawal to me, haha!

The Dietary Cure for Acne

There has been a lot of research done about how wheat and grains are bad for our digestive lorfn also, although this is not the politically-correct nutritional opinion. See this article for example. It will be tough avoiding grains, since they pervade our American diet. Hey, marinara sauce and meatballs would be just as tasty over a bed of smooth mashed potatoes as it is over linguine!

The other thing is: But a typical Lorren diet will not be the norm. And I believe I will also feel and be more healthy overall. A few supplements are also recommended: The fish oil and zinc can be reduced after the first 30 days: Perhaps that is fordain than you wanted to know, but I wanted to give the background of what I will be doing.


Today, my meals consisted of:. If it does nothing, then I guess it will be back to the old American diet…mmmm bread!!

There are long-term benefits to eating healthy, including having healthier babies. I would love to know the results of your thirty day trial? I have serious adult acne, and it is ruining my life at thirty years old. Curd also am thought to be coeliac allergic to gluten and so this diet could be perfect for me!

I am starting on Monday but would love to know how you got on first! It can be found here: I would love curs know your results as well! Please let us know the results of your Paleo diet on your skin. Hi Cassandra, Thanks for your comment! I will definitely do an update on this soon…but what I will say now as a preview is that diet along with supplements has made the BIGGEST difference in the world!

What you put in your body truly does affect your skin. Sorry for the redundancy.

The Dietary Cure for Acne by Loren Cordain

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Menu Skip to content. Here is a quote from the book: Here are the foods I will be avoiding: All fresh fruits Nuts and seeds but no peanuts, they are fo legume So there you have it! Today, my meals consisted of: Protein powder shake pre- and post-workout Dinner: Have you posted an update on this yet? Would love to hear your results. Thanks for stopping by!

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