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The Stoves Discussion list has been sharing information to improve cooking stoves since We use this site, to keep track of the many types of stoves, their designs, and the progress that has been made to improve them, and spread efficient cooking stoves in world wide. I am looking for some help in adapting Dr. Winiarski’s wood-fired food dehydrator for fish smoking.

Help to build a Patsari Cookstove in México | Indiegogo

In an effort to understand the relationship between stove capacity and fuel use and emissions the performance of three sizes of rocket stoves were compared.

Pots that were integral to the stoves were used without a lid. Only one test was performed on the household stoves. Therefore, results are not statistically valid but should be useful for general comparison. The [attached] graphs show results from three Rocket type stoves as compared to a carefully tended Three Stone Fire.

We have built two Inkawasi stoves with somewhat disappointing results. We are still not achieving complete combustion, the sunken pot chambers are problematic for accommodating a variety of cooking utensils, and the smoke escapes from the gap around the pot skirts.

The engineers on the team are discouraged and have given up on the rocket elbow stove design. The stove mxnual constructed from L barrels. The video is available in multiple part downloads here on our website www. Super Turbo Rice Husk Stove 5. A larger-scale super turbo rice husk stove that injects super-heated estuaf into the burning chamber was recently developed for small cottage industry use. While cooking, the stove produces clean gas that is released to the atmosphere.


This project was collaboratively assisted by the following agricultural engineering students of CPU namely: As schematically shown below, the stove kanual of a conical hopper that is made of GI sheet no. See the report at: The fan, in this stove, is powered by a TEG. A rechargable battery is used to power the ptasari during start up.

The battery is also recharged by this device. The TEG is located just below the fire box. Sanu Kaji Shrestha November Rocket Stove Questions and Answers: Dear Stovers, The fuel magazine that sticks out the side of a rocket stove is setufa into two: Am I right in thinking that the fuel should be packed in as much as possible, to try and minimise the amount of air entering the stove through the fuel inlet?

Patsari Cookstove

My experience is that char builds up at the bottom of the elbow, so air is needed to burn the char which in turn pyrolises the fueland a second air supply is required to burn the volatile gases. Any pointers would be warmly received. I have 2, numbered pictures of these stoves, with the owner, her house, the flag of the Rotary Club of East Fresno and the number of the stove.

Taking pictures has proven to be more difficult and more elusive than actually making the stoves. Dan Wolf of the International Lifeline Fund has taken patsar this project in Lira and plans to fundmore stoves as well as to fund and run the project in Darfur camps to build a targetedstoves there.

Meanwhile, I have started a new stove project in Gulu, north Uganda to make an unlimited number of Six Bricks Rocket Stoves in the Gulu refugee camps, in addition to teach stove building in Northern Uganda.

So this coming year will be even more exciting than last year. AidAfrica now has an office and staff in Gulu and we plan to send volunteers from here to Gulu and other parts of Uganda to build stoves, start a reforestation project, address the problem of malaria and continue with the medical project which has directly saved very many lives.


Much thanks to you for running the stoves list. It has been instrumental to bringing the world closer together. Preliminary tests are giving very positive manuual, even though with Jatropha oil being produced on small scale.

Purity of the oil seems to play a crucial role, but we will be able to tell more early The stove is designed for using straight plant oils, no need to convert them into Biodiesel. However, Biodiesel can also be used. Stove fueled by ‘tuba-tuba’ launched in Leyte INQ7. Los autores de este manual son: En la lengua Purhepecha, “Patsari” quiere decir “la que guarda” en referencia a que conserva el calor y a que cuida la salud. Black stone pots are quarried and crafted in Minas Gerais.

They are preferred especially for cooking beans and soups, as they eatufa the contents hot long after being removed from the stove.

Copyright is mmanual by the original contributor to the discussion list and web site. BioenergyGasificationBiochar Terra Preta. Use the stoves menu to narrow the list of stories to the type of stove you are interested in. Smoke Burner woodgas Stove.

The stove was able to bring 45L of water to boil in 37 patari using only g of wood. Philips Smoke Free Stove. Best regards, Ken Goyer.

Stove fueled by ‘tuba-tuba’ launched in Leyte.